Sierra Espuña A Beautiful Protected Natural Area

Easy Short Social Walks and Outings

It's best to subscribe to the mailing list above, as walks are not advertised much and rely mainly on the direct private mailing list to send out invitations to occasional, sociable walks which are an opportunity to meet other people and enjoy going to places you'd probably never find on your own. Priority goes to members - so subscribe with your email address to become a regular 'friend', and to have the best chance of getting a place. Make a note of NEST's contact details in case this website becomes inaccessible and incommunicado as it did today for a short while for unknown reasons:

Walks have fundraised for various rescue dogs including Noahs Arc Mazarron, Barney's and Helping The Perrera Dogs.

IF THERE IS A WALK YOU'D LIKE TO COME ON, PLEASE BOOK IN BY EMAIL SUPPLYING ALL NAMES WITH CONTACT SPANISH PHONE NUMBERS AND AWAIT EMAIL CONFIRMATION BACK PLEASE!  Otherwise if there´s a last minute change or cancellation and you can´t be contacted, it´s a problem for you. These things can happen if we travel in and out of the country for various reason and sometimes at short notice.

Up there in Sierra Espuna, it is greener with many more chances of seeing wildlife, although of course nothing is ever guaranteed - but the highest possibilities are of seeing wild boar families near the restaurant. They aren´t dangerous, they´re quite nervous creatures and far more afraid of you and will run away if frightened.   In Sierra Espuna wildlife also include birds of prey including the massive golden eagle with a 6-7 foot wingspan, one of the largest birds in existence, mouflon or arrui from the Atlas mountains in Morocco, foxes, lizards, and plenty of butterflies. Come and see new places and to meet new people!  Plant life in Sierra Espuna includes wild thyme, rosemary etc. In spring in Murcia mountains you might see a few pretty poppies and other flowers along the roadside. 

These are non-sporty, easy, social short walks in areas of outstanding natural beauty. They're rather sporadic so make sure to keep in touch.
Walks are about socialising, meeting new people and making friends and having happy times out together in beautiful surroundings! Not only that but you'll know you are also helping dogs in need.

Dogs on leads are also very welcome on NEST walks, unless otherwise stated. However, restaurant arrangements can make it awkward  depending where we’re eating and if we’re outside or inside, so please always check first. However the meal is always optional, so the walk by itself is always possible with a dog as long as it is on a lead and not in any position to chase, harass or attack goats or sheep grazing which can often be seen on our walks, and likewise not able to trip up or annoy other people or other dogs. For reference if a dog were to get lost off a lead in the mountains, the mountain authorities are licenced to shoot them because they can, as dogs being dogs, harass and wound the protected wild arrui, and while you think your dog may be OK off a lead, it can be a fast way to unforeseen disasters. Also, someone else's dog on a lead, who may have problems with other dogs, may NOT be ok with your even friendly dog off a lead going upto it. So please, for everyones' and your dogs' sakes, please keep it on a lead. Looking forward to seeing you all! Bring a smile! Dogs are extremely welcome and they have an extremely enjoyable time with plenty of fuss and attention! 

Walks are so easy anyone can do them, as long as you are healthy! But just make sure you wear sensible walking boots or non slip secure walking footwear for rugged, rubbly caminos and slopes that we sometimes walk on. We like to talk and be sociable during walks, enjoying the scenery, taking photos and appreciating the wildlife and plants and whatever is of interest..  the walks are not a race, nor a muscle-pumping macho 'sport' scrambling up steep perilous cliffs!  The walks are geared towards people who find most walks too sporty and fast paced. Attention has been paid to AVOID the perilous and uncomfortable routes often enjoyed so much by hail and hearty sporty walkers! These walks exist for people who don't like to be nervous and anxious on walks, who like enjoying the views, the scenery and the company in a relaxed, easy-going way, and not something to be 'endured'. If anyone has problems keeping up and is slower than the rest, we like to courteously wait for them and let them keep up, catch up and be part of the group.. We appreciate it if you bear this in mind on the walks, in keeping with the friendly 'easy walks' caring group spirit. If you treat walking as a sport and like to zoom off ahead regardless of anyone else's pace, and do not like waiting for people to catch up in a relaxed way in the spirit of friendship, then  these walks are not for you. 

You do need to be healthy, and you come entirely at your own risk whatever may occur, in the knowledge that we go to areas that sometimes have no mobile phone signal, no passing traffic, and significantly long delays and difficulties getting any kind of help, in places where medical treatment is totally unavailable.

We look forward to seeing you! Even if it's rather sporadic and not on a regular basis it is good to get together!